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June 7, 2021
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June 14, 2021

Interior design today gravitates towards minimalism, simplified aesthetics of everyday life. In other words, the modern interior does not tolerate anything extra, so design solutions may seem very simple and ordinary to an inexperienced viewer. In reality, everything is different, and problems begin at the stage of project implementation. Moreover, problems arise for those who decided to carry out repairs independently, but even severe interior designers face mistakes.

In this article, we will tell you how to notice these problems even when planning a future interior in a modern style, avoid them, and, if they have already arisen, how to fix them.

We have written a detailed article about the most common mistakes in modern interior designers in Lahore and how to solve them, which will be helpful for novice interior designers and all people who plan to create a beautiful and comfortable interior in a modern style on their own. Also, the article is shown for reading for those of you who have already planned a renovation but have not yet turned to a professional.

Mistake # 1: Standard Furniture Doesn’t Fit in the Room


When creating an interior project in a modern style, many people use built-in furniture. All further problems begin from this stage if you do not foresee the dimensions of this furniture initially, even when choosing the layout of the future apartment.


To avoid the situation described above, you need to start working on developing a planning solution. Suppose you create a planning solution based on the dimensions of standard furniture. In that case, you will not encounter a situation where furniture needs to be made to order because the standard does not fit. This will save you money since custom-made furniture costs several times more expensive than standard furniture and time since it will take a lot of it to make custom furniture.


Mistake # 2: Lights Can Interfere With Opening Cabinet Doors, Opening Windows and Interior Doors


When creating a modern interior, I often use surface-mounted lamps or pendant lamps with long holder legs. The inconvenience arises because the location of the lights and the height of their overhead mountings can interfere when opening the doors of the kitchen or built-in wardrobes, interior doors, and windows. The problem is especially relevant if storage systems or interior doors are made to the height of the entire wall, i.e., into the ceiling.

As a rule, this problem arises when the ceiling was not lowered when planning furniture arrangements. This can become a severe problem because, visually, everything will look good. The window, for example, in the kitchen, will not open because of the overhead lamp, and this is already a real headache.


You need to calculate in advance all the dimensions and heights of the cabinets, the lowering of the overhead lamps, take into account which side and how you will have windows, doors, and cabinet doors open.

Remember, if you do not consider all these points at the planning stage, you will face additional expenses during implementation that will replace a cabinet that does not open or remove and replace it with some other lamp. All this takes time, requires different attachments.

Mistake # 3: Using a Large Number of Different Finishing Materials and Textures 


Creating their interior in a modern style, many unknowingly use different textures, use different colors, use several options for floor coverings.

At the same time, the essence of modern style in the interior is laconicism and simplicity, which allows the eye to rest.


Only individual elements are highlighted with a different color or texture to add a unique accent to the interior. A striking feature can be any one of the walls in the room or the end wall of the corridor. Bright decor elements look stylish and harmonious: pillows on the sofa, lampshade, or colorful textiles in the living room.

Most importantly, remember that to create an up-to-date interior in which you will be comfortable, it is enough to use 2-3 color combinations.

Mistake # 4: Not Enough Storage Space


Hidden storage systems are one of the most common solutions for modern interior design. They save space and help add more air to the interior, making it comfortable, not cluttered with many different-colored mezzanines. But, often, such storage systems lead to a problem – there is no longer enough space for storing things.


Even at the stage of thinking over the future layout of the apartment, calculate how much space you need:

  • How many things do you already have in your apartment?
  • what wardrobes and what size do you have at the moment
  • how many people now live and plan to live in the future in this apartment
  • what pieces of furniture, equipment, and decor do you plan to place in the apartment (columns, bedside tables, some interior items that are significant for your family that you intend to fit into the new design of the apartment, etc.)
  • remember how many souvenir items you bring from vacations

Write all the data on a separate sheet of paper, and use it when developing a plan for new storage systems. If this is not done, then after the cabinets have already been built into the walls. The repair according to your design project is completed, you will be faced with the fact that you have nowhere to put things. And you will have nowhere to set a new additional cabinet since it will vigorously knock out of the created interior and clutter up space.

It is better to make storage space with a margin to not have problems with things.

Mistake number 5: The Development of an Interior Project is Carried out Without Taking into Account the Budget


A modern interior seems inexpensive only at first glance. One of its main principles is the release of space. This is done by creating built-in storage systems and technology. Such systems require an individual approach and, often, custom-made furniture. And what is done individually and to order costs money.


To avoid unplanned expenses, you need to consciously approach the choice of style in the interior. We advise you to consult with professionals who are engaged in projects in different styles – you should know firsthand how much it will cost you to implement an interior in a modern manner. Analyze and find out which interior type fits best within your budget.

Mistake # 6: An Oversupply of Furniture in an Apartment


As I said above, one of the main principles of modern interior design is the release of space. Therefore, each piece of furniture should play some kind of functional role in your apartment. A large number of tables, lockers, etc., will be absolutely superfluous and unnecessary within the framework of this style.


  1. Think about what you are hobbies about, what you plan to do in your apartment, what your interests are.
  2. After that, think about what things you need to do everything you decided for yourself in paragraph 1.
  3. Try to optimize the resulting list: it is quite possible that you can use some things to solve several problems at once – for example, combine the functions of a coffee table with a makeup table.

Mistake # 7: The Total Shortage of Outlets


The situation with a shortage of outlets is familiar to almost everyone. If you did not foresee the required number of them at the planning stage, you would have to face extension cords, tees, and a whole web of wires lying throughout the apartment.


At the development stage, think about what actions and in which part of the apartment you are planning, for which of them you will need sockets.

For example, if you like to read by the window in an armchair, then it would be logical to place a socket for a lamp there. In addition, now it is difficult for us to imagine our life without a phone, and he often sits down. It is logical to keep it while reading somewhere nearby on the charge to not run across the room when you receive an important call. This means that there must be two sockets near the window.

To address all these issues, an electrical plan is created, which allows:

  • hide all unnecessary wires in convenient boxes during repairs
  • to create a convenient and functional system in the apartment for connecting to the mains for all the appliances you need.

Mistake Number 8: Embedded Parts for Built-in Furniture are not Provided


The use of built-in or suspended furniture in a modern interior requires unique embedded parts. Mortgages are made from different materials, depending on the purpose for which they are needed. Suppose you do not foresee their presence at the stage of finishing. In that case, difficulties will arise – you will not be able to attach a cabinet to the wall, hang a beautiful structure from the ceiling, and install all this on the floor to immediately steal the space so vainly created.


Built-in furniture or some kind of hanging or wall elements of furniture or decor require special preparation of the walls, namely embedded in the wall mortgages. It is necessary to foresee their presence at the stage of creating a drawing of a future apartment and immediately enter them into the project so as not to miss their installation at the location of implementation.

Mistake # 9: The Big Difference Between Engineering and Design


During the interior development in a modern style, designers should foresee and try to hide storage systems and organically integrate appliances, modern indoor climate control systems (ventilation, air conditioning, Smart Home systems, etc.) into the interior.

The following happens quite often: the designer creates a design project without considering the necessary technical solutions. Or he knows only the approximate location of technological devices. He makes ceiling drops based not on exact data but on words like “somewhere there will be an air conditioner.”

This error becomes a problem at the stage of project implementation and at later stages of work on the project: the team implementing the project may notice a discrepancy between the design project and the technical plan during the renovation process.

It is good if the team leaders point out to the customer that the design is inconsistent with the technical plan give you service Tahir architect in Pakistan. You will have time to re-engage the designer so that he can promptly make adjustments to the design. Then only time will be wasted.

This discrepancy is often not noticed or ignored by the team performing the work on the project. Then it already becomes a real headache. Because after finishing the walls, re-chipping the walls, and carrying out ventilation, there is a waste of additional time and unforeseen monetary investments.


The correct sequence of work on the project:

  • develop the arrangement and layout of furniture
  • give the resulting documents to technical specialists – on their basis, they should offer you specialized solutions: choose the right equipment, draw up a plan for its location
  • the developed records are transferred to the designer so that he can create a design project based on the precise dimensions of the built-in equipment

Mistake # 10: Using Skirting Boards


Built-in wardrobes, sliding interior doors for painting are an integral part of a modern interior. Quite often, there is a common Interior design mistake – for some reason, the most common protruding skirting board is laid along the wall.

This entails the following: sliding doors, which were supposed to open softly along the wall, cannot be opened due to the baseboard, the doors of built-in wardrobes, too. You have to either make unique additions or change the baseboard. Both actions are extra time + money.


There are built-in skirting boards, and you need to use them. Another solution is to use a cork expansion joint. There are many such solutions. You just need to think about them at the stage of project development to not pay twice and not spend extra time on repairs (which is never superfluous).


To summarize, remember that it is much cheaper to anticipate all problems and mistakes in advance than to overpay and redo everything many times. This is especially true for interiors in a modern style, the strength of brevity and functionality. Both of these concepts are formed from the correct symbiosis of technical solutions with a design project.


I hope that my article will help you avoid mistakes. Soon, you will be meeting your friends in a spacious and comfortable apartment in a modern style


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