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As Tahir’s Architect is a modern professional Lahore architects, and interior designers analyze before starting to draft a building, such as:
  • First, how the building will be used;
  • Second, how many people will live or visit this facility;
  • Third, what kind of activity will the people in this building do?
  • And many more!
These are just a few of the many things an architectural services provider considers when designing a building. All homes must be constructed in such a way that they can be functionally used by all residents, students, or employees.

FAQ'S from Tahir Architects

A meeting with an architect is an opportunity to consult on a house project’s choice to find out all the details about its construction. Before meeting with the best architects in Lahore, the customer must collect and prepare several documents: documents confirming the ownership of the land plot, permission for the design and construction of a house on this site from the District Administration. And provide information about nearby buildings, land plot plan, and its exact dimensions, topographic survey.

An architects is a person who makes you beautiful while knowing better than you what exactly you want. For a year or half, while the project is being prepared, the estimate is being drawn up, the assembly and the actual construction take place, and you will frequently communicate with your best architects in Lahore, Pakistan. As a result, he will mix his and your dreams and make something conceptual and maybe even functional out of your home.

Much complex documentation, drawings, calculations, and pictures that you do not need at all – but builders need them. The only thing that interests you is the visualization (sketches) of future interiors. In addition to them, the principal architectural project in Lahore includes the concept of the interior, various plans (electricians, installation, etc.), sweeps (each room is, as it were, cut and laid out on a plane), explication of the premises (a plan on which all objects are marked with numbers, supplemented by an explanation to these figures). Samples of materials must be attached to the project.

It’s all depends on the situation of customer requirements and location of the building. Below is a checklist for the initial stage of building a home.

Information about the site:

  • Cadastral number
  • Photos of the site
  • Any other information and documents that are on hand at the moment
  • Estimated area of ​​the house
  • List of structures on the site
  • The proposed construction technology (stone or wood).
  • General wishes in any form (pictures, text, tables, and links).

Budget for home and additional facilities.

If you are not hiring an architect for your house, office, or commercial building, you might face these problems:

  • Redevelopment
  • Engineering systems
  • Finishing work and interior design
  • Time-saving

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