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February 10, 2021
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February 12, 2021
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Construction is based on the project

Not a single professional builder takes on an object without a project. This is always a dead end for both the customer and the contractor. A conscientious contractor will suffer from “I said differently, redo,” and an unscrupulous contractor “it’s easier to fish in troubled waters,” and then the customer will suffer.

The builders’ task is too professionally, smoothly, and with the observance of technologies to implement design solutions. Decisions are made in the project by architects in Lahore, designers, and engineers and implemented by builders.

Many calculations represent a very complex algorithm, so it is impossible to make competent decisions “on the knee” during construction.

What about other companies?

Today these are the two best technologies for building walls of a stone house for permanent residence in the Lahore region. Which is better: aerated concrete or warm ceramics?

All houses are placed on reinforced concrete monolithic foundations. The foundation’s type and parameters are always determined only based on the calculation, which in turn is carried out based on data from engineering and geological surveys. This is the only sure and reasonable way to lay a solid foundation and not overpay.

Most often, a slab foundation is chosen. This is an insulated slab on a sand cushion. For waterproofing and insulation of foundations.

  • Ceilings in houses are monolithic reinforced concrete (including attic floors).
  • The underfloor staircase is monolithic reinforced concrete.
  • Roofing with bituminous shingles or seam roofing.
  • Facing brick or painted plaster for facades.
  • How some builders in bad faith save money
  • The video demonstrates the joints of walls with windows.
  • List of works during the construction of a house

Construction is a complex process that requires the organization and joining of various types of work.

Real terms of construction of houses

With the timely start of construction by Tahir’s Architects, its continuous financing by the customer, competent preparation (an individual project was ordered in advance or a typical project adapted for a site, etc.), no road closures.

Lahore Construction Company

A complex schedule for the production of noisy works in the village, plugs in connecting to communications and other restrictions it takes a year from the beginning of work on the site to a fully finished house (house no more than 350 m²) – this is ideal.

A house box of 350 m² is built on average in 5 months, houses of a smaller area are built faster, again in the absence of external factors. If the construction takes place in two seasons, competent conservation of the winter’s unfinished house is necessary.

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Examples of built houses in the Lahore region

Who is building houses?

Our constant partners, whom we have known for 8-10 years. Professionals who build for the customer as for a friend. After completing the design, we recommend to the customer those partners with whom he is more likely to reach agreements and better establish contact. All prices are in the same range.

In our partner construction organizations, the teams’ permanent composition is not people from the street or advertisements. They get into the brigade only on recommendations, value their place, are responsible for the work, correct shortcomings, and are interested in their absence to continue to get a job.

How to find builders and how not to choose them

Construction support and supervision

In professional construction, questions inevitably arise. Builders ask questions to the customer, the customer cannot answer most of them on his own. The customer himself also has questions, new ideas appear during the construction process, and they need to be discussed with a specialist. We provide support so that at the construction stage everything goes as planned at the design stage, so that the house is systematically implemented on the site. Accompaniment is made up of little things, but a wrong decision on one of these little things can ruin the house.

When building a house, a technical supervision specialist may be involved. He checks the quality of construction and adherence to technology. Supervision does not negate the professionalism of the work performers. This is additional error control, not the supervision of an overseer with a whip.

Pilots check all parameters against the checklist on each flight, regardless of the number of flight hours. The same is true when building a house: the supervision engineer checks all the parameters by the check sheet.

How to start building a house?

Building a house can only be started if you have a clear idea of ​​the future house. Therefore, it is impossible to do without a preparatory stage and design. At the preparation stage, you need to analyze the budget, site and your wishes.

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