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March 27, 2021
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Interior designers in Pakistan

Interior designers in Pakistan

A modern country house is in many ways different from those summer cottages that we knew before. Today you can arrange a really comfortable home according to your own taste. Cutting edge technologies, innovative materials come to the rescue, as well as designers, architects and builders, with whom you will find your dream home!

How often do we think about the silence around us? Surely quite often, otherwise, how to explain the growing demand for professional Tahir’s architect in Pakistan? Outside the city, surrounded by a forest, you can truly relax, forget about the metropolis’s bustle, enjoy the fresh air and nature, solitude and peace. And for a country house to meet all your ideas about beauty and comfort, it is important to correctly plan its design.

Interior design

Facade in Architecture: Definition & Interior Design

Define of Interior Facade Designers:

Interior Facades. Interior Façades. With vast array of materials, such as Metal, Solid Surface, Glass, Ceramic and Wood commonly being used to clad and wrap interior walls and facades, there is no shortage of options available when it comes to achieving the leading architect and designer’s intent for interior facades.

Every future homeowner planning to build a cottage, first of all, thinks about its façade. In addition to insulation and a suitable roof, the house’s exterior should reflect the general direction of the country house interior designers. That is, it should have a certain style. Are you dreaming of a home – a “palace”, a house – a “hut”, or an unusual “cubic” high-tech house? The choice is yours! At the same time, do not forget that the interior of your suburban “nest” will be built in approximately the same style directions!

Facade in Architectural exterior design

Having decided on the style, the issue of cladding should be resolved, which can also be very different:

• Facing with natural stone – one of the most expensive materials but very durable. Such a house attracts attention and speaks of the high status of the owner. The variety of shades and texture of the stones will make it possible to embody almost any country house interior designers solution.

• Facade tiles (natural or artificial) – a modern facing material with different shades and textures. Durable and durable, resistant to temperature extremes.

• Facing brick – modern technologies have raised this type of cladding to the first place in facade decoration. The material is cheaper than natural stone while not inferior in appearance and strength.

• Facade plaster, one of the most economical options, minimum costs and maximum benefits. Working with it is simple if the cooking technology is followed. A significant plus – you can repaint in any colour, there are many options, and the house is like new every time!

• Siding is inexpensive and easy to install. The only drawback is that exposure to the sun affects the color rendering, so it is better to prefer beige shades when choosing. There is also wood siding, which is especially popular when decorating a wood-like home.

• The cheapest version of cladding is a “lining” on a regular board. Still, a more presentable option is a blockhouse, “lining”, imitating sawing a log or a bar. Indispensable when decorating a house in style

Today, the most widespread is the combined cladding. Outwardly, such a decoration looks more interesting than a completely plastered or brick-faced house. Also, in the design of a country house, various cornices, rusts, bas-reliefs, columns, and capitals can be used (again, if they correspond to the chosen style).

Country House: Interior Design

A quiet “island” of family well-being implies a special attitude to the project since the requirements, in this case, are much higher. The amount of work is much greater than when developing the interior of a city apartment. Designing a dream home often includes the interior decoration of the rooms and the design of the stairs, the interior of the attic, additional buildings (for example, the creation of a sauna ), and this will take a lot of time and knowledge.

To make the future home for each family member “their favorite home”, – invited a professional interior designers in Lahore , whose task is to design a solution that will suit all residents.

Country house Interior designs

The development of an individual design project for a country house allows you to bring any ideas to life. Equip all kinds of premises: from a Turkish Hammam to a separate gym, as well as your own cinema or swimming pool! You can combine several zones, such as a kitchen-dining room-living room, you can organize a separate bathroom in each bedroom, and equip an exquisite library in the classic style of English aristocrats with an antique writing desk, in a word, whatever you want!

And to do it right – contact the professionals! The interior, as a rule, is designed following the appearance of the house, with the wishes of the owners, with their hobbies and preferences. Many nuances are taken into account. An important role is played even by the fact that side the windows of a country house face, and what kind of view does it open?

Landscape Architects & Contractors in Pakistan

Do not forget about the area around the house. Flowerbeds, paths, decorative elements near the porch, trees planted in a row, plants selected for a specific purpose – all this and much more is called landscape design. Tidiness and comfort are needed not only inside but also outside! First of all, the site’s design has a positive effect on the emotional state of the owners of the house, allowing you to organize a different resting place on the street. And secondly, it makes a favorable impression on others.

The site design has several principles that must be followed to avoid mistakes:

• Firstly, if the site is hilly and located on a slope or, conversely, in a lowland, then the buildings must be appropriate to the landscape.


• Secondly, the country house Interior designers of the plot must correspond to the exterior of the house. For example, an exquisite fountain in front of a massive log house is ridiculous and inappropriate. In front of a cottage in a classic style will be a great addition.

• Third, the house is the centre of the territory. In any case, it is an ideal option. The design of the site is designed around the house, successfully playing up and focusing on it.

• Fourth, the zoning of the territory is necessary, that is, the delimitation of the site depending on the interests of all family members. For example, for children – a playground, for adults – a barbecue area, etc. A hedge of plants, a gazebo, flower beds and even sculptural compositions are perfect for visual differentiation. Naturally, the larger the site, the more opportunities.


Design studio “Tahir’s architect” provides the service “Author’s support of the project”. In this case, we will develop the interior design of a country house and monitor the implementation of all work, provide competent advice at all stages of building a house, advise which materials to choose, etc. We work in Chelyabinsk and not only! We cooperate with customers from all regions.

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