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June 14, 2021
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July 26, 2021
High Tech Hallway: Interior Designs Technology On The Doorstep Of Your Home

High Tech Hallway: Interior Designs Technology On The Doorstep Of Your Home

The style of a detached house interior designs begins with its exterior and an apartment – from the hallway. In a high-tech manner, the hallway amazes with its thoughtfulness, functionality, and, at the same time, laconic design.

Who is it for

The character of the homeowner can be seen in the interior details. If you are the owner of a gentle personality, love handicrafts, housekeeping, and long, sincere conversations with friends. Then, you can undoubtedly find homemade hats at your house entrance, a housekeeper or shoe holder in the Lahore romantic style puffs on a twisted frame, and mirrors in openwork frames established architect in Pakistan.

All this is alien to high-tech style.

The hallway of this direction demonstrates the restraint and rationality of the character traits of its owner. He focuses primarily on the action: whether he is doing business, watching a movie, eating, or sleeping. Immersion in each process without distracting attention to the details of the situation is a distinctive personality trait.

Color solutions for a stylized hallway

High-tech style does not like brightness and variegation in the interior design. The primary colors of the space are white, black, cool gray. Color in a high-tech interior designers in Lahore, Can take place if it is monochromatic, dull, and cold. If the main range of the interior is monochrome, then it is possible to place bright single accents in the room.

Finish options in style

The high-tech hallway has its nuances in the decoration of the space.

Glossy floors are not always comfortable to breathe into your home. Heeled shoes can slide on them, and the polished surface will look untidy at the slightest dirt. The combination of two textures and different colors of the flooring can be an exciting design accent.

Installing a floor heating system in this particular room will be very helpful. This will add comfort to space and allow you to dry your outdoor shoes gently, just by leaving them at the doorstep.

The layout of the arrangement of furniture in the hallway

Even in the absence of a wide variety of furniture in the interiors of the halls, one cannot do without certain items. And their correct arrangement will create the necessary functionality of the space.

  • Place a bench near the front door so that you have somewhere to put your purse or sit down to take off your shoes.
  • You cannot do without a large mirror in the same area.
  • If they are conceived in the interior, they must also place open hangers directly next to the door.
  • It will be convenient to have a closed shelf for small things in the entrance part: keys, combs, gloves.
  • Be sure to provide a cabinet for placing security equipment, alarm consoles, and engineering panels.
  • Should organize a large wardrobe along with one of the walls. Thus, it will be easier for you to navigate in the choice of outerwear without wasting time walking from one compartment to another.
  • Even if your house has a separate dressing room, a shoe rack in the hallway will be handy. Install it at the entrance to the living space. Place home shoes or outdoor shoe cleaners in it.

Furniture to create a setting

Cabinets and walls

This piece of furniture is the largest in the hallway. Therefore its exterior design is essential for maintaining the style.

In the lobby, high-tech wardrobe systems are recessed into niches, creating the impression of unity with the wall. The facades of such cabinets are glossy or mirrored. An abundance of built-in light distinguishes cabinets of a given stylistic direction. It can be located both inside the systems and be part of the exterior design.

In addition, the functionality of such wardrobes is thought out to the smallest detail. It has built-in intelligent gadgets: from different-sized hangers and special hooks to drying and ionization systems for clothes and shoes.

Chests of drawers

Such a piece of furniture is most in-demand in sleeping areas, and often, they do not see the need for a hallway. And in vain. Storing various accessories tends to be a problem and creates an unkempt look at the very entrance of your home. Chests of drawers will help solve this problem.

Place it next to a large mirror, equip it with a storage system for all sorts of things, and you will be surprised how you have done without it until now.

The front of the chest of drawers can repeat the design of the wardrobe system, or it can become a bright accent in the appearance of the hall.

Lighting for a tech hallway

The high-tech style in the interior design is the increased illumination of the rooms. Room perimeter lighting, spot or central ceiling light, stylized wall sconces, built-in LEDs in mirrors, cabinet doors, shelves – hallway lighting in high-tech style.

Decor and accessories

A few decorative elements can be added to the hallway only if they have a functional interior designs mistakes:

  • umbrella stand
  • housekeeper
  • container for coins
  • doormat
  • Wall Clock

High-tech hallway interiors

It is possible to decorate the entrance area in high-tech style in rooms of various sizes. The main thing is to thoughtfully approach the choice of the environment and follow the stylistic rules.

Walk-through hallways

If the hall stands out only zonally in the room’s space, choose the furniture of the same external design as a living room. You can visually divide the zones using differences in the floor or ceiling covering and the help of light.

Small hallways

For finishing and furnishing small high-tech hallways, you should not choose dark colors, as well as massive furniture. Instead of a large-scale wardrobe system, installing a small furniture wall only for outerwear and shoes is entirely possible. Thus, you save space, and the process of gathering or receiving guests will be more comfortable.


If your house is tens of years old, then most likely, a narrow corridor has been designed instead of a free hall. However, this type of high-tech space looks very good. Consider shallow wardrobes for furnishing your space, including pull-out clothes hangers, clever hooks, and shoe racks.

The use of mirrored facades in such a corridor is one of the best options for furniture design.

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