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February 11, 2021
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February 16, 2021
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Moving into a new apartment, many of us face the need to divide one of the rooms into two zones. For example, when it has a too elongated shape, the rational use of space without separation is impor a hut built ossible in principle. Another reason when redevelopment may be needed is a large area with a low ceiling.

Zoning allows you to make such a room cozy and attractive. If children of different sexes are growing in the family, in this case, it is also recommended to divide the nursery with a partition. So each of the children will receive their own space for life. Finally, you bought a studio apartment – you can’t arrange a separate bedroom, living room, or study without zoning.

What should be the Steps to divide room in different sections?

If it is necessary to divide the living room into two zones, this is easiest to do with a rack’s help. First, define the line along which the visual boundary should run. Next, measure the long sides of the zones formed during the separation. Match with the furniture’s length, for example, sofas or some kind of furniture group – modular cabinets, coffee table with an armchair, etc.

Otherwise, the hypothetical line must be shifted in one direction or another. Not the fact that it will be solid, it is appropriate to divide the space in part. If its tough for you then you should get in touch with best commercial architects in Lahore to design your houses to improve your living spaces. It is important to choose the right color and texture of the rock material. The first one should correlate with the color of the main elements in the interior. (As an option – to be in contrast to them). With the second, everything is a little more complicated. Most designers agree that it is correct to use either plastic or wood (in this case, only one species) in one room.

Their symbiosis, if possible, is only in rare cases. What to place on the rack – decide for yourself? Perhaps, in addition to the dividing one, it will have a decorative function, then place either porcelain figurines, or beautiful jars and boxes, or some other little things dear to your heart. Or perhaps the rack’s function will be practical (the first practical function is to divide the room into two zones); for example, it will replace a bookcase.

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Separate the bedroom from the nursery or living room by installing sliding doors in the manner of those used in wardrobes. They do not overload the interior, but the main thing is that they can become a visual and a very real border, isolating part of the room (children do not need to see what adults are doing there). Such doors are usually made of a metal frame, inside which the door leaf is placed.

The material of the canvas itself, again, should find refrains in the general interior. If the design of the room provides, it is best to choose frosted glass. It does not “eat up” space, leaves “air” in it, and does not make it heavier. Whether the partition is sandblasted or painted in any color depends on the style of the apartment. Sometimes the canvas can be wrapped in a wooden molding, and sometimes it can be made with a bar of thin silver or golden edging. Silver or gold.

How to Divide the children’s room into two zones:

Divide the children’s room into two zones. If children of different sexes live in it, it is better to make both halves mirror each other. Place two back-to-back secretaries between them, with a wardrobe and a bed on each half. The rest of the details of the zones may be completely different. Leave their design to the guys who live in this space. Let them paste pictures with Darth Vader or pink ponies, arrange vertical shelves with discs or furniture for Barbies; the main thing is that the resulting separate “rooms” bear their (and only their) imprint.

If you have only one child so far and do not plan to have a second, divide his room following the functional areas. These can be, for example, bedroom areas, designing, drawing, and modeling; board games. Do not forget to provide free space – children need it like no one else because most outdoor games for children are thought of spontaneously. As soon as one of his peers comes to visit – and this is no longer a room, but a ship in distress, or a hut built in a wild forest. If you occupy the children’s room with functional areas “to the eyeballs,” – be sure that boys and girls, without any remorse, will move into the living room or your bedroom.

Zone, a large elongated room with a sofa, placed either in the middle or stepping back from one of the end walls more than the other. Another way to divide an elongated room into two zones is a long, narrow container with plants. Its height can be different and depends on the interior solution and what grows in the container. The top edge of flowers or ornamental bushes should be at least 1.2-1.5 m from the floor. If you decide to grow indoor plants such as geraniums, it is important to pick faded flower stalks in time.

What qualities must an architect have to be successful?

–  Even the architect Vitruvius said that one of the most important qualities of an architect is responsibility. Based on the importance of this criterion, everything else is, in fact, only a consequence. Architecture is the most important factor in forming a high-quality, prosperous environment, and an irresponsible approach to the creation of an object is a potential risk for people. An architect needs to be extremely attentive to the context, to clients, to the choice of materials, to everything that may affect the life of the constructed space in the future. And in the 21st century, additional factors appear that we need to consider in our work, particularly the environmental aspect. 

If we design offices, it is necessary to ensure a decent quality of workspaces in which employees will have the opportunity to work efficiently and relax. We used this principle in work on the Start network’s co-working centers, where we paid special attention to multifunctional informal zones. 

The situation is the same with housing design: if earlier it was possible to build a house “in the field” without infrastructure, now, while working on a residential complex, we are thinking about adding additional functions to it – services that will be in demand by residents and the local community. It is important to create truly valuable, complex propositions for society.

The situation is similar in the design of shopping and entertainment centers. It is not enough to simply plan sales areas; it is necessary to create a space that is as comfortable as possible for visitors. Now we are working on a shopping center project where we would like to use facade solutions with a complex glazing system: it will allow guests of the complex to admire the picturesque nature from the pavilions.

– And apart from responsibility, what quality would you pay attention to as necessary for an architect?

 – An architect services provider company quoted that it is important for architects to be good psychologists. There is no serious course in applied psychology in specialized universities, and we study history, cultural theory, the strength of materials, physics; we learn to hatch well in form. But subsequently, three-quarters of certified architects find themselves somewhere on the periphery of the professional community, performing the most primitive functions of this craft. Only those who know how to speak, convey an idea, listen and understand the psychotype of the interlocutor we see in the first roles in any architectural company.

An architect must communicate and negotiate with customers, with all the numerous beneficiaries of the project, with his team. In our work, a huge number of social ties and communications arise. You need to be able to organize and maintain them. 

– What role do managerial skills play in the profession of an architect?

 –  Without managerial skills, it is impossible to successfully implement a multi-stage and highly complex process of creating an architectural object. Please note that all three qualities that I have listed, by and large, are not associated with creative professions. It is also believed that in an architect’s profession, the ability to think in space in a multivalent manner is at the forefront. This is certainly an extremely important quality, but not the only necessary one.

End Words:

Low lemon trees must make the correct soil – they feel at ease if the earth is rich in humus and phosphates, but the abundance of nitrogenous substances can adversely affect growth. Of course, good foliage is provided, but the tree will branch weakly, and the correct “wall” dividing the room into two zones will not be obtained. Also, having chosen indoor flowers and plants for zoning, be sure to think about whether they have enough light. It is one thing to plant them on a windowsill or a glassed-in balcony, quite another – at some distance from the window.

The easiest way to divide a room is to hang curtains. Choose a light, translucent, breathable material, but at the same time partially covering the space – otherwise, what’s the point? Sometimes it is appropriate to choose a fabric with some bright print. The curtain can also become a color accent, not just a practical room divided into two zones. Usually, the curtains are made out with lambrequins, but lately, they are more and more often shifted to one side – symmetry is not suitable for all interiors. Whenever possible, when decorating a room, try to avoid any pretense in lines.

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