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High Tech Hallway: Interior Designs Technology On The Doorstep Of Your Home
High Tech Hallway: Interior Designs Technology On The Doorstep Of Your Home
July 3, 2021


Interior designers in Lahore

Interior designers in Lahore

What should be the children’s area in the country?

Dimensions (edit)

If you have just started landscape design of your site and want to calculate the formula for the ideal area of ​​a children’s zone, you should focus on the following figures:

  • A child under six years old needs a space of at least 9m2 for games
  • Children from 6 to 12 years old will need at least 15 m2
  • For a swing, it is necessary to leave a safety strip of at least 2 meters on each side of the stroke
  • If guests with children often come to you, it is worth increasing the area of ​​the play area and the number of its elements

How and where to place the playground?

The playground should be placed away from communications, reservoirs, and thorny plants. It is optimal if it is visible from the kitchen window and from that part of the garden where adults spend the most time – for example, from a gazebo, pool, or barbecue area.

Which coverage should you choose?

The choice of coverage for a playground is one of the most critical issues best thought out in advance. At a minimum, it should be as safe as possible and cushion a fall from a swing or slide. It is also desirable that it be dry, as small children like to sit on the ground, and puddles under a hammock or swing will add to the hassle of washing for parents. Consider the pros and cons of different coatings. Best services providers Tahir’s architect in Lahore.


Ideal if you have one child under the age of 6. If the child is older and friends often play, the lawn may not withstand such a load. In addition, if there are many wooden elements on the playground, the property will also have to be abandoned: the grass must be watered every day, which is not compatible with the tree. An alternative to the usual lawn is artificial turf, which is placed on a concrete base.

Tree bark or shavings

Aesthetic parents often choose bark or shavings for coating. It is soft, it softens the fall well, and most importantly, it does not get out of the visual rhythm of the garden at all. There is only one drawback to such coverage: it will have to be changed every two years, requiring money and time.


A sand cover is often placed next to slides and horizontal bars – it ideally softens the fall. But sand has a lot of disadvantages. Firstly, the sand from the children’s area will quickly spread throughout the site. Secondly, it easily absorbs moisture, and if your kids love to ride a bike, this option is not for them.

What should be foreseen when designing a playground in the country?


Considering that your child will spend at least 3 hours a day on the playground Landscape Design, you need to protect them from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can lead to heatstroke.

It is best to plant trees around the perimeter of the playground that will give shade. If this is not possible, you will have to provide an awning or put on a large umbrella.


Best of all, if the lamps are fixed on high poles, then the risk of the child breaking the glass and getting hurt is minimized. When choosing interior designers in Lahore, you should be guided by the size of the site and the features of the adjacent territory. If there are tall elements on the site, you can fix lamps with a solar battery or a garland on them, which works on the same principle.

Playground safety requirements

  1. The playground Landscape Design should be located far from the entrance area and parking. It is best if this distance is more than 10 meters.
  2. All elements must have rounded corners, and all surfaces must be perfectly sanded. Must cover sharp corners of bolts and screws with special caps.
  3. All stairs must have handrails.
  4. Once a year, you need to change the contents of the sandbox. On rainy days, should cover it with a material that does not allow water to pass through – a plastic lid or a thick film.

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