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Architectural Services

"Architectural services are the mother of all arts. Without an architecture of our own, we have no soul of our own civilization" (Frank Llyod Right). We are well-known for architectural services work. My team and I have vast experience designing all kinds of intricate architectural designs, building forms, and exteriors. We plan to keep in mind the client requirements, creating innovative strategies, and keeping client benefits and interests as the topmost priority.


"I don't think that architecture is only about shelter, is only about a very simple enclosure. It should be able to excite you, to calm you, to make you think." Me and my team members are well known for our interior design work. We develop the space right according to clients' requirements and the nature of the design, providing an environment aesthetically exquisite. Best and top interior designers in Lahore are offering there services from several years to make you comfortable.


ENGINEERS Team Tahir's architects have vast experience in the engineering field, and we take pride in engineering work. With a group of efficient, professional engineers. We are known for responsible and efficient engineering work on site. Produced on a legacy of thousands of years of continuous innovation in construction technology and experimental improvement, architectural engineers apply the most advanced scientific knowledge and technologies to buildings' design.


"The good building is not the one that hurts the Best Landscapers In Pakistan, but the one which makes the landscape more beautiful than it was before the building was made." (Frank Llyod Wright) We will go to any limit to complete the landscape you envisioned. Our systemized care and preservation programs guarantee that it continues in excellent shape. We provide gracious Landscapers in Lahore, reliable, and extensible service in all materials, and we propose to grow with every project by adhering to those principles. This is our promise. "We work quality with quantity."


Tahir's architects are leading firms for providing professional and efficient managing team at the design studio and site Construction. We provide the best project management services to the client. Under the supervision of principal Architect Mian Tahir Irshad our outstanding projects reflect our team's professionalism both in interior designers in Lahore studio and on-site.


Professional Gardening Landscaping Services in Lahore

What gives our crew an advantage is that we can adhere to your resources and deliver right on time? We have a verified record of providing quality garden landscape design.

Assume you are preparing to Design and Perfect Lawn for your new house or repair/redesign present ones. In that event, Tahir’s Architect is the right place to get expert landscaping advice and services in Lahore. We also offer Lawn resources every month. Our services are free 24/7, so please contact us for a site visit completely free of charge within Lahore.

The best part is that we use cutting-edge technology to promote the work at every level. We can plan the complete plan and come up with the best 3D model. The advantage of the 3d model is that it displays more comfortable for you to imagine how your part of the land will look.

We make use of excellent management devices to streamline our schemes. This is why you can advance your confidence in us, the landscape gardeners in Lahore.

Our gardening landscape is designed to completion. It has an individual garden watering system, trekking paths, and meeting areas as properly. Plus, you will not need out on your flowers and trees.

What We Cover as Landscapers?

In general terms, a Landscaper is a type of Architect concentrating on designing outdoor landscapes, such as gardens, intersections, or even parks. Landscapers are often involved with Gardeners because they both work outside and with plants. While many Landscapers may have a green finger or a particular liking to using plants in their designs, they do much more than this. These experts usually use all kinds of components (e.g., wood, stone, concrete, and manufactured brooks, streams, or waters) to create a peaceful outdoor location.

Does Landscaping Add Value to Your Home?

It’s time the real estate business uses to define how beautiful a home is when seen from the road. The stronger the chain attraction, the stronger your business position with possible customers. Also, one way to improve edge application is for landscaping.

Garden Landscape Architecture & Design

Tahir’s Architect is a top specialist in gardening and lawn landscaping services in Lahore. If you are viewing to design your Garden and need expert gardening services, we are at your assistance.

We have the support and an expertly qualified workforce providing gardening services in Lahore for a long time. We design attractive landscape architecture to accommodate your home outside and make your outside living something different.

Landscaping Specialists

It is not just taking your Garden and Lawn’s supervision, but we expertly manage the lighting and equipment in your Garden. Our specialists can include a beautiful light accessory to add to your landscaping services in Lahore, Pakistan.

Experience and Assurance

We have years of expertise in this field, and our professional gardeners in Lahore are the most expert at what they do. Indeed, we provide our customers with ensured results. So, contact us now and get your Garden and lawn maintenance.

Why Choose us?

We take satisfaction in our work. At Tahir’s Architect, we pride personally on providing quality and reliable services to our clients. We take off your gardens and lawn landscapes in Pakistan as though they are our personal Garden.

Landscape Development Company

You can easily find Landscape Designers in Lahore through online landscape services. We are the experts in landscape development. The projects undertaken by us have made a deep and rich impact on the people’s psyche. To make sure that the environment is safe for human beings to live, work, and play, local authorities must take special measures so that they can maintain the quality and nature of the soil, water, air, sunlight, and the surrounding area. Nowadays, with the help of online landscape design services, you can be connected with the best Landscapers in Lahore.

Landscaping Design and Construction Company

Tahir’s Architects are the best Landscapers in Lahore have a long tradition of providing quality landscape maintenance, garden and lawn services to both residential and commercial clients. Our expert team of landscape designers, consultants, engineers and technicians are committed to delivering a one-stop solution for all your landscaping requirements. Our landscaping team has, over the years, provided excellent landscape maintenance, garden and lawn services to both residential and commercial properties. Our landscape maintenance and technology are designed to provide you with professional landscape design and construction to create outstanding curb appeal, enhance landscaped areas and enhance property value.

Top Landscape Design Company from Lahore

The landscapers in Lahore are mostly those who maintain their properties and keep the surroundings clean and green. They also must take care of the surrounding neighborhood that includes the gardens, roads and houses. Most of the companies’ landscape maintenance work has to be done with the owners of the houses and other residential plots. These landscape maintenance companies also have a separate department for home landscape design and development. They usually take care of the residential gardens and the landscape maintenance part of the business.

FAQ'S from Tahir Architects

A meeting with an architect is an opportunity to consult on a house project’s choice to find out all the details about its construction. Before meeting with the best architects in Lahore, the customer must collect and prepare several documents: documents confirming the ownership of the land plot, permission for the design and construction of a house on this site from the District Administration. And provide information about nearby buildings, land plot plan, and its exact dimensions, topographic survey.

An architects is a person who makes you beautiful while knowing better than you what exactly you want. For a year or half, while the project is being prepared, the estimate is being drawn up, the assembly and the actual construction take place, and you will frequently communicate with your best architects in Lahore, Pakistan. As a result, he will mix his and your dreams and make something conceptual and maybe even functional out of your home.

Much complex documentation, drawings, calculations, and pictures that you do not need at all – but builders need them. The only thing that interests you is the visualization (sketches) of future interiors. In addition to them, the principal architectural project in Lahore includes the concept of the interior, various plans (electricians, installation, etc.), sweeps (each room is, as it were, cut and laid out on a plane), explication of the premises (a plan on which all objects are marked with numbers, supplemented by an explanation to these figures). Samples of materials must be attached to the project.

It’s all depends on the situation of customer requirements and location of the building. Below is a checklist for the initial stage of building a home.

Information about the site:

  • Cadastral number
  • Photos of the site
  • Any other information and documents that are on hand at the moment
  • Estimated area of ​​the house
  • List of structures on the site
  • The proposed construction technology (stone or wood).
  • General wishes in any form (pictures, text, tables, and links).

Budget for home and additional facilities.

If you are not hiring an architect for your house, office, or commercial building, you might face these problems:

  • Redevelopment
  • Engineering systems
  • Finishing work and interior design
  • Time-saving