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It is necessary to determine what material the staircase will be made of at the beginning of the house’s design to provide for the appropriate openings in the inter-floor ceilings to calculate the loads.

Internal stairs, being part of the house’s interior, are also an important structural element of the house, connecting the floors. Tahir’s architect is a great option if you are looking for best architect in Lahore.

Types of stairs to the second floor of the house:

  • By material:
  • Reinforced concrete, metal, wood.

It is necessary to determine what material the staircase will be made of at the beginning of the house’s design to provide for the appropriate openings in the inter-floor ceilings to calculate the loads. 

In wooden houses, as a rule, wooden stairs are provided. In small frame houses – wooden or metal, and stone houses – the choice is up to the owner.

Simultaneously, one should not confuse the material of the staircase structures with the material of the steps: the steps can be made of wood, tiles, glass, metal, stone, etc.

By appointment:

  • Main, auxiliary.

By construction type:

  • Marching (straight and swivel), screw, combined.
  • Straight staircase

Straight metal staircase with open risers. The head of our bureau took photos at the exhibition of houses in Finland.

It is also convenient for moving people and moving bulky items. However, because such a staircase occupies a rather large area, its design is possible only in a building with a relatively long length.

As a rule, a flight staircase with more than 10 steps is divided into parts, with intermediate platforms for the convenience of ascent and descent. For a landing in the middle of the stairs, additional support may be required, which will hold the entire span together with the landing.

After the intermediate landing, the staircase can go straight again (straight staircase) or turn. Rotation can be 90 or 180 degrees.

Swivel staircase

More compact than straight staircases. Thanks to their configuration, they fit more easily into the layout of the house.

A type of swing staircase is a staircase with run-in steps instead of an intermediate platform. This staircase saves even more space. Cross-country stairs are more complicated structurally – the steps of such stairs have various configurations and individual sizes.

Swivel staircase with winder steps. Tahir’s architects company in Lahore give opinion, that the turntable solution is preferable, safer, and more convenient. In the variant in the photo, some of the steps are different in size, it is impossible to get used to all the steps, and you will have to think about each step.


Spiral staircase:

It is usually used as an auxiliary (if there is another main flight staircase in the house) and, for the most part, to save space, although sometimes it is also a special design solution.

The area occupied by a medium-sized spiral staircase is about 2.5 square meters. As a disadvantage of the spiral staircase, of course, one can note a steep climb and, as a result, less comfort when walking and difficulty in lifting large-sized objects.

The optimal dimensions of the stairs in a private house

The dimensions of the various parts of the ladder are interdependent. For maximum convenience, the staircase should have certain ratios of the steps’ height and width that determine the angle of inclination. The most comfortable is the staircase, in which the riser (step height) is 14-17 cm, and the tread (step width) is 27 – 30 cm.

Riser height and tread width:

Fragments from the online knowledge base of our office, which we use in the design. Thanks to this database, the designer always has the necessary information at hand.

The most optimal width of the main staircase is from one meter to one and a half meters. On a staircase of this width, two average build people can easily disperse, and moving large-sized objects will also not be difficult. Smaller staircases (up to 70 cm) are usually designed only in small country houses.

Features of Designing Stairs in a Country House

The value of a staircase in a country house can hardly be overestimated. A modest functional or festive front door, in many respects it is the staircase that sets the tone for the style of the interior space and determines the concept of the first floor.

Practical / Utilitarian Ladder

A compact staircase is typical for small country houses, where its only task is to move residents to another floor. Occupying a tangible part of each floor, the staircase is perceived as a loss of useful space and designed compactly.

Main Staircase

The main staircase is usually located in the lobby and is the centerpiece of the layout. The staircase’s emphasis is appropriate for a certain sustained style of interior decoration, most common in a classic or manor house interior.

What Does the Staircase Consist of?

Despite the apparent simplicity, the staircase is a rather complex structure. If we omit complex technical terms, then in general there are three components of what the staircase consists of:

  • The podium step, from which the staircase begins. Sometimes it is rounded, and even more often it is wider than the rest. This decision is intended to facilitate the step. 
  • The steps themselves, plus the space between them, called the riser, and the platform between the marches. 
  • Fences consist of pillars, balusters, in fact, the railings themselves.
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